CAD Work

All Range CAD Work

ALL RANGE CAD SERVICES: F Six Solution provides a full range of CAD services, including conversion, 2D drafting, 3D modeling, rendering, animation, and Sketchup. Our goal is to ensure each and every client receives the highest possible level of quality and service, at a rate well below what they would pay for in-house or domestic services.

   With highly skilled staff members available, representing a range of expertise, we can provide exceptional service no matter the complexity or size of your project. Each member of our team is continuously trained to use state of the art technology including up-to-date workstations and software, all protected by top tier security systems.

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  • CAD Drafting: F Six Solution is a leading CAD Drafting Services firm. We offer CAD Drafting, CAD Conversion, 3D Modeling and Rendering Services to our clientele spanning Architects, Engineers, Facility Management Firms and Real Estate Marketing Firms.

    Our expertise in Outsource CAD Drafting services, CAD Drawing Services 2D to 3D CAD Conversion, and 3D modeling services ensure that our clients get the best value at a fraction of the prevalent costs.
  • Shop Drawing: A mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) coordinated shop drawing is a combined 3D rendering of the construction project by integrating all architectural, structural and trades shop drawings.

    A drawing or a set of drawings, which are required for prefabricated components like trusses, elevators, structural steel, windows, cabinets, appliances, mill-work and air handling units and produced by the contractor, supplier, manufacturer, fabricator or sub-contractors, are called shop drawings.

    An MEP shop drawing is the drawn version of the information in the construction documents. It includes dimensions, manufacturing standards, fabrication and contains more details compared to construction documents.

    An MEP shop drawing which emphasizes a particular product or installation has a very different style from that of the architect’s drawing.