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BIM Service

F Six Solution assists large architecture construction and engineering companies in the construction and design process by applying Advanced Construction Engineering practices using Digital Technologies. We offer Building Visualizations, Logistics Planning, Constructability Analysis, Clash Detection and much more. We are leaders in Advanced Construction Engineering, specializing in Digital Design and Construction Services. Our team apply their experience and knowledge in disciplines such as Architectural, Structural, and Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing and Fire Protection. We take a multi-disciplinary approach, aiming to offer innovative solutions to current infrastructural development practices around the globe.

  • 3D BIM Modeling We are a 3D BIM modeling and BIM consulting company based in India, delivering Revit BIM modeling services for architectural, structural, MEPF and mechanical disciplines. We specialize in BIM outsourcing services for engineers, architects, contractors, surveyors, consultants and engineering design firms by delivering informative 3D BIM-ready models, 2D drafts and construction documents.

  • Our teams work with your design teams to develop 3D BIM models with required details following LOD standards ranging from LOD 100 to LOD 500 – as needed. We develop 3D models with the higher level of details to help project managers make informed decisions and facilitate quick modeling by accessing Revit Families of mechanical equipment, electrical cables, trays, switches etc., plumbing fit- outs and firefighting equipment.

    We aid architects and engineers extract shop drawings and 2D elevation plans from as-built models and deliver expert BIM consulting to achieve expert building designs and maximum operational efficiency.

  • Scan To BIM Modeling: F Six Solution provides an efficient and cost-effective scan to BIM services; our in-house experienced and qualified staff leverage the various scan to BIM tools to convert point cloud and laser scan data into the detailed 3d BIM model.

    We have developed in-house scan to BIM processes while delivering numerous scan to BIM jobs across the globe. We are scan to BIM services provider company in India, USA, UK, Europe, and Australia etc. Our scan to BIM modeling services includes modeling from LOD 200 to LOD 400 as per the scan to BIM specifications and scan to BIM standards. Scan to BIM is the process of converting point cloud data into an intelligent real-time 3d model. The point cloud data could be captured for at any physical space. The captured data can be used to make intelligent data-rich 3d models. Such detailed representation of any physical area could be utilized for designing, retrofit, repair, and renovation

  • Quantification: Quantification and estimation is the core process of all construction projects. An efficient building construction process is supported by developing workflows, methodologies and catalogs. Based on these, costs are forecasted during the early planning stages thus providing a significant boost to the work execution process. The Most Vital Steps to An Effective Quantification and Estimation Process For a Construction Project Are:

    a) effective management of design information and access to quantity information
    b) item & resource management.
    A Building Information Model is quantified using intuitive BIM software tools. Tools like Autodesk Navisworks contain a quantification workbook that can be used to create and keep a log of quantities within a model.

  • FM Model Generation: Facilities management (FM) is a multi-disciplinary services and activities that have integration between people, place, process and technology. From the aspect of a building or facility, a system of comprehensive and incorporated FM should be generated systematically so that the maintenance, asset and life span management are implemented properly. An integration of Building Information Modeling (BIM) with FM system offers a higher standard platform of system, which functionality of managing buildings, facilities and other fixed assets can be integrated as a digital repository for each building component. BIM can also enhance the cooperation between the various disciplines of work, the ability to manage change and capability to provide full information support and management throughout the life cycle of the building. Hence, the purpose of this paper is to discuss the concept and definition of FM with BIM and the integration between FM and BIM.