F Six Solution is a India based Registered company specialized in Architectural Planning Engineering Design, BIM consultancy, clearly oriented towards service to the client, carrying out the most complex projects in the fields of Building Construction & Infrastructure, applying technological knowledge, creativity, innovation and the latest technologies to progress towards sustainable development of society, to the benefit of people's welfare. F Six Solution orientation towards integral service to the client is the main value which makes it a global company. Customer satisfaction and the search for excellence at work are the main objectives in the quality procedures of all the services F Six Provide. To F Six, its business is a fundamental element in the sustainable development of the society it serves, transcending the merely technical and actively becoming involved in the society. This has positioned it as an opinion maker for the future of its sector and the development of infrastructures in the countries it works in. The services F Six provides are based on the technological know-how and innovation of its professionals. Investment in R&D, creativity management and development plans in new technologies lead to better service to clients. The development of all its employees through continuous improvement of all their personal, technical and management capabilities is a priority in the company's business mission. People's welfare in the work space and professional opportunities are the principles on which its human resource management plans are based.

Our Features

Vision Statement

Our Vision is to be a Reliable Company for our Customers, Employees and Partners.

Mission Statement

To be the preferred executive partner for global engineering design houses and offer appropriate knowledge based, comprehensive support services adhering to globally accepted quality and productivity standards.